About Me

I'm a man of (TOO) many hobbies it appears. Too many to get done in once lifetime but I'm trying. From old cars, old bicycles, micro robotics, stop motion animation, scale model cars, old motorcycles, home automation, robotics, 3D printing and beyond, I'm constanting tinkering and learning as I go. Not a lot really gets "done" or "perfect", but a lot of fun is had.

On the 3D Printing side I built my first 3D printer in 2013, a Prusa I2 RepRap and was hooked. The old Prusa I2 has printing countless hours and continues to be my main and best quality printer but I have built or tried to build others. I've moved the 3D printer stuff from the Robotics section to it's own as I will likely be adding more things as time goes.

Go Make Makers!