3D Priting
Projects Queue

Just a list of the things I may or may not get done someday in the 3D priting area...

See the Robotics Project Page for More in the queue

1) Finished up my Wallace++ 8mm Edition 3D printer
I built this in 2014 I think, bought the electronics, printed and built it and then stuffed it into the closet.
It has an extended Y plane and is taller that the standard Wallace so it should have a bit more volume that my old I2
However, I really want to make my own bowden feed setup for it so I can get more X out of it and not have such a large mass on the print head.

2) Build a Wallace++ Proto version with our son
Our son is a Mechanical Engineering Tech major and is quite involved and interested in 3D design and production. He has built 3D models before for class and we have printed them out as a reference. He has also designed a couple things for his WRX that we have printed. After getting the Wallace++ blue printing working, I started printing a new Wallace++ "Proto" compilation that used all the best parts I found or designed for the blue Wallace. I had hoped to maybe get him interested in a printer and then out of the blue during one or our conversations he mentioned he would like to be able to design, print and test parts as part of his college work. We agreed to built out a basic Wallace++ Pro version for him to not only use but to built together so he can see and learn how it all works.
Should be fun!

Sooooo that's the short list for the year and I will be working on getting all those... ooohh look, a new 3D printer design is out...