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Happy Birthday!Austin Wayne NolenAustin's 4th Birthday Party
Power Rangers Party

Go Go Power Rangers! ... Birthday Cake s991010-03.jpg (77895 bytes)
A a little 'Rangette' too s991010-04.jpg (70256 bytes)
Grandpa Bob... s991010-05.jpg (54057 bytes)
Finally I Get to OPEN These things s991010-07.jpg (83011 bytes)
What could It be??? s991010-10.jpg (77410 bytes)
Madison was the present delivery person s991010-12.jpg (72044 bytes)
And Austin Appreciated it! s991010-15.jpg (71543 bytes)
Wow... that's pretty REAL looking Power Ranger s991010-16.jpg (78172 bytes)
MORE Power Ranger Stuff!!! s991010-18.jpg (86555 bytes)
Ahhh.. Hot Wheels !! s991010-19.jpg (78384 bytes)
All Right!!!
Now I can be a Power Ranger!!!
s991010-25.jpg (73973 bytes)
Mighty Morphin Power Ranger.... s991010-27.jpg (81369 bytes)
Madison Found All the Book... s991010-28.jpg (77240 bytes)
All right.. Blow out the candles time... s991010-30.jpg (67669 bytes)
Swhooosh.... s991010-31.jpg (70406 bytes)
There... s991010-32.jpg (68569 bytes)
Now for a little 'Crusin' s991010-33.jpg (80514 bytes)
... around the backyard. s991010-34.jpg (80212 bytes)
Now how does this new Saber work here...
Hey... where's my helmet?
s991010-35.jpg (78757 bytes)
THERE it is..
Now SHE's the Power Ranger.
s991010-36.jpg (96515 bytes)
And she loves to drive that Jeep... s991010-39.jpg (63335 bytes)

Round Two
From Aunt Jeana
With Aunt Jeana's Presents Arriving, Birthday Round Two Begins!!

More Presents??
MORE Presents??
s991016-6.jpg (102802 bytes)
Crashin' Truck!
and that's a quote.
s991016-8.jpg (140581 bytes)
Gotta... Get... This... Thing.. Out of here... s991016-9.jpg (100955 bytes)
Hot Wheels... s991016-10.jpg (106090 bytes)
Hot Wheels Tools...
s991016-11.jpg (136416 bytes)
Micro Machines... s991016-12.jpg (114291 bytes)
Monster Truck...
Where's my crashin' truck...
s991016-13.jpg (121909 bytes)
NOW I can Crash It! s991016-14.jpg (30405 bytes)