About Me

I'm a man of many hobbies it appears. Too many to get done in once lifetime but I'm trying. From old cars, old bicycles, micro robotics, stop motion animation, scale model cars, old motorcycles, home automation and beyond, I'm constanting tinkering and learning as I go. Not a lot really gets "done" or "perfect", but a lot of fun is had.

On the robotics side I've always been interested from early on wanting to build that perfect servant bot that takes out the trash, vacuums the house and keeps you company. I'm not there yet and never will be but I do have a Roomba, my house is automated and online and I have built a lot of silly little robots.

Is seems everytime I try to get "serious" about robotics I get bored so apparently I'm limited to the silly stuff. I shouldn't complain I suppose as most people like them when they are working.

Robot On Builders!