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Just a list of the things I may or may not get done someday...

1) Deploy several ESP8266 remote nodes that at least report temp and humidity around and outside my house.

I'd like to have bedrooms, living area, garage, attic, and outside at least using DHT22 nodes.
These could also have at least a one channel output if I still with cheap ESP-01 devices.
This logs back to my home automation web server for historical and graphing purposes.
Update 12/18/2016 - Built and added five ESP8266-01 devices to log temperature and humidity around the house.
They could also either monitor inputs or have a digital output pushed by an http GET if desired with some code additions and either input or output devices.
Read the full write up here

2) Upgrade my wired weather stuff to ESP based collections.

Current homemade anemometer (broken), moisture sensor, ground moisture, and rain is not the best, exposes the PC to the world of static and more through the wired Arduino and serial port and just isn't the best.
Hoping I can do most of this with an ESP module and WiFi.

3) Finish my NeoPixel Clock and make it look pretty

The code is borrowed and I'm adding some things like on the hour light show, chimes option, etc but I'd like to get it done and on the wall and left alone. Looks cool though.
Update: 12/12/2016 This is actually working now. Used code from elsewhere, maybe a write up when it's pretty

4) Finish Up SteamPunked BoB

I built him in late 2015 and he works but he's not completely done and needs documented and published.
He was supposed to be a robot/clock/FM radio/WiFi connected/dancing/IR controlling/everything bot but he's pretty stuffed now.

5) RFID Card Reader for house access

Not sure if I'm going to use a high quality RF reader or buy some cheap stuff and play but I'd like to be able to control door access by an RF key instead of just the web interface. Right now if the Internet is down or my server is down I have to use a key to get in. I know, *gasp*! It really just needs to read/verify the card and click the relay to open/close the door so shouldn't be too difficult.
Update 12/12/2016: Ordered some cheapie RC522 devices to play with.

6) DONE! - Finish up my Wallace++ 8mm Edition 3D printer

I built this in 2014 I think, bought the electronics, printed and built it and then stuffed it into the closet.
It has an extended Y plane and is taller that the standard Wallace so it should have a bit more volume that my old I2
However, I really want to make my own bowden feed setup for it so I can get more X out of it and not have such a large mass on the print head.

Update 12/2016 - Mr. Wallace is done and printing fine for what he is.

I've kept the carraige mount extruder for him and built yet another Wallace that is using bowden feed called Gray Hair.

7) Make some progress on RADley

RADley is my hacked up RAD 2 that I started on in 2005, and again in 2010, and once more in 2015. He now has a wheeled based from my old TrimmerBot instead of the loud tracks, has a Mega2560 empty brain and a lot of sensors in his head but no movement or thinking. I need to figure out how to monitor waist and arms position, would like to wire up the encoders just for the heck of it and get the RADley to PC bluetooth and voice/speaker stuff working with my old BoxHead concept code. Lots of work and synergy that would have to take place to be feasible though.

8 ) GPS Waypoint Robot Platform

I've played with this so many times, have it kind of working but struggle with motor or controller noise messing with the compass. I tried using the base that I moved to RADley but it SO SLOW it would take all day to navigate the yard. Back to the old RC 10T truck platform and a different motor controller to see if I can get it working. *IF* I can get this locked down and basic logging and navigating working, then I can try to do something with a mower solution for the fun of it.

9) Finish up my little Robutt biped

She's kind of useless but kind of cute and I'd like to get it wrapped up on the old four servo platform so she can look around, blink her eyelids and move her mouth to speech from a PC link. Even plan on making a dress for the hot little mess. Yeah, sure. She is cute for a robot though.

10) Build a "Cyborg" eye roller with ATTin85, 8x8 LED matrix, and some printed head thing - Added 12/16/2016

Have not driven an 8x8 LED Matrix with an ATTiny85 yet so why not a blinking/rolling/odd cyborg head using the Wreathy code?
Thinking he should have a 9g servo for neck rotation as well so he can look around and do the blinky thing.
Should be able to wire up PB1 (6) to DIN, PB2 (7) to CS, PB3 (2) to CLK and still have a pin to drive the neck servo on PB0 (5)? as well as one more pin.
Maybe a mouth / speaker for sounds like TweetyBot and Manty like PB4 (3)
Silly? Dang right. Fun? Hopefully. Probably going to call him FabRobo or FabRobio as that is what TinkerCAD named him :-)

Update 12/17/2106

Been rethinking Fab Robio a bit and may end up once again expanding my original "simple" concept. Built out the basic LED and servo code and it's already at 98% of the ATTiny85 8k member due to the LED driver side I suppose. Now thinking of maybe a ProMini in the base that can do a lot more for him besides eyes and noise. :-/
If I add a four digit display or maybe even the small OLED display and a DHT22 he can display temp and humidty. If I add an LDR or light sensor, he can dim down or slowly go to sleep in the dark and wake up in the light. If I add some RGB LEDs as a mouth and an ESP8266 he can get weather from the world and change mouth colors to suit. If I.. If I... dangit this always seems to happen.
ReUpdate 12/17/2016 Rethinking still.
Now I'm already up to LED Matrix Cyclops, RGB LED behind LED Matrix for weather Hot/Mild/Cold, two blue LEDs behind face for sound sync.
I'm really thinking I should figure out how to use one of the ESP8266-12 devices I have and hook him up to the Internet. Could then display Time, local temp, local humidity, outside temp and humidty tied with RGB LED. Could also change his face to match whatever he wants to find online such as a news feed or something? Still thinking.
Original Model by "bohnded"

11) Add ESP8266 based light controls / lights integrated into the Home Automation System

I have a strip of 12v white LEDs under the counter in the kitchen that replaces some halogens that the touch controller died on. Instead of just using a hard on / off switch that I can't control or report status on to the HA system, I want to use an ESP8622, input switch and small relay to control the light. It can then report via http when it's turned on / off and cant be controlled by the house as well to turn on or off. Simple process but time to get it all working.

12) NeoPixel Illuminated Octopus Thingy IoT thingy - Why Not? (Added 02/21/2017)

So I printed the standard octopus in clear but I added a hole under his head to allow something to go there. I also printed him in transparent PLA so light shines through very easily. Would make a simply single NeoPixel RGB ESP8622 connected notifying for maybe weather or temp? From cool blue to bright red depending on temperature obtained from the Internet for your area?

Or could just use a local DHT11 sensor to determine the color but seems more fun getting remote data.

13) GPS Based Speedometer

I'd like to add GPS based speedometer information to my 69 Mustang and likely to my son's 66 Galaxie in the long run.

07/2017 - Project Information Here!

14) Skull Lamp RGB Weather Lamp Thingy

Based on the Steamp Punk Lamp project. I have a white skull I 3d printed and a brain I 3d printed that fits in the skull. I cut open the top of the skull, added a neopixel ring and used the steampunk lamp code to make another lamp. Currently both the steam punk and the skull have various colors from blue to red based on outside temperature settings the home automation systems reads from the web. The ESP8622 only takes commands and doesn't stand alone which makes it somewhat more flexible that embedded code allowing a VBScript app to control it.

15) Googly RGB Eye Moai

Based on the same concept as the Steam Punk lamp and the skull lamp, two RGB addressable neopixel type of LEDs will drive behind the whites of the black Moai I 3d Printed. The print was really just a test and it hollow but it looks entertaining with the googly eyes on it and adding an ESP8622 inside should be easy. Could do the same thing as the other lamps and control outside the embedded easily. Likely something sitting on my desk at work eventually.

Link: Googly Eye Moai STL

15) Build an EggBot

Added 11/2017
I've always thought these were cool and have some extra stepper motors and controller chips. Although there are several all in one versions, I kind of like this version best for it's flexibility and am going to give it a try.
Link: Eggbot Re-Drawn
It is a remix of a previous design overall but I like how it can be easily used for eggs or larger spheres as well.

16) Various Home Automation Projects using ESP8266

Added 11/2017

16) Finished my UNFINISHED robots

Added 11/2017
I have way too many started projects that never have been running or properly working.

Sooooo that's the short list for the year and I will be working on getting all those... ooohh look, the new $3.00 cyborg AI board is out...