RADley Motor Controls / Drive

A 298 based H Bridge are is to control the left and right motor tracks. These are tiny motors geared way way down so these are overkill but should work. This will use four (4) output pins of which two need to be PWM capable to control the speed of each motor. The directional control pin can be a simple output pin.

I will likely use the old encoders I added to the track in the early 2000ís for basic dead reckoning if I can although with tracks I know this will not be overly precise but will be interested how useable it is and itís already there anyhow.

Motor Controls - Arms and Waist

Another 298 based H bridge will drive the arms and waist motors for motion control. We really need some type of feedback however in regard to waist and arm position. Even if it is just full open / full closed limit switches for the arms. Still have the discussion of using an accel and/or gyro combo for the tilt piece which is very possible, just likely noisy and bouncy.

Head Rotation

Since the RAD head can turn manually, it really needs to have some head rotation to make it seem more alive and provide some scanning abilities of the remote area. Others have done this with a servo mounted on the arm plane and then have the head sit down into this. That should be an option and likely the solution used. A full size servo should be powerful enough and should allow up to 180 degree or so rotation.

Antenna Animation

The two antenna on the head need to be animated by servo control. This can add a LOT of emotion to the robot similar to a dog. Ears up, heís awake and alert. Ears forward he is aggressive, ears back is passive. There will have to be some mods in the head for this but worth it in the long run. I actually havenít seen the movie Chappie as of late 2015 but believe that is the same concept.

Rear Tail/Servo Animation

The old rear battery holder is a good location for a rear scanning sonar servo. One of the medium size servos I have fits perfectly and I may design a tail looking thing to house the sonar in. This way I can get both sonar data and some personality added at the same time.
Front Wii Homing Servo
I plan on eventually trying to use the Wii IR remote functions to home in on charging beacon so the old cup holder area will be a good place to mount a server and build some cover / mount for the Wii device. This allows the bot to scan for the homing station without have to look around. Thoughts also include putting this in the head somewhere but I cannot see a functional yet good looking location to mount it at this time.